Toxic substance casing and humidity compression

For health and clean house air

House air is repaired by toxic substance casing

Kangasalan Pumppauskeskus Oy executes house air repairs by modern humidity compression and toxic substance casing methods.

Toxic material and humidity casing means that toxic substances and humidity is left in the structures, but they are compressed and cased. That way the toxic substances can no more enter to the house air.

Toxic substance casing and the house air repair done with it begins with identifying the problem, which leads to an individual repair plan. Safe and healthy outcome is achieved when all sectors are notices, all the way from air ventilation to material replacements.

Wall and roof casing

Toxic substance casing is suitable for special repair of toxic substances found in the structures and entering the house air, such as radon, different microbe based substances and PAH or VVOC compounds. In casing repair the toxic substances are left in to the structures but their entrance into the house air is intercepted.

Floor casing

Floor casing stops water vapor and gas-like impurities drifting through the floor, ground humidity and toxic substances from entering the house air. Air leak compression repair can be used on floor surfaces f.ex. when there are water damaged materials under the floor. Floor casing in an efficient way to repair house air – it stop even dangerous radon gas!

House air repair

Successful house air repair always demands unique planning and professional installation. We offer great expertise gained by years of experience: in the hands of skilled professionals you can be sure that the casing is executed with the very best quality.

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