Pump-leveling and basework

We provide high-quality, over all floor works with years of experience

  • Pump-leveling with modern pump combounds
  • Underfloor heating systems till ready surfaces
  • Baseworks for variable bases, such as polishing, hoovering and compression
  • Heavy baseworks, such as diamond polishing, gnawing and spiking
  • Floor and wall injections
  • Parking garage floor and ramp repairs and dust binding
  • Polishing for old concrete and colour floor surfaces
  • Toxic substance casings and humidity compressions for floor and wall structures

Whether your floor needs thorough baseworks, durable levelings or high-quality finishing – we are here to help!

Pump-leveling benefits

Pump-leveling creates a durable base for floor coatings. It sleeks every floor fast and efficiently.

Pump-leveling has many matters that make it the perfect choice for a variety of worksites:

  • Less concrete cast, which speeds up the drying and saves time
  • Straight and durable bases ready for coat material installation in only one day
  • No waste loads at the worksite
  • Flexible and durable choice even for large height differences on the floor base
  • Equipment is suitable for private house worksites and larger renovation sights

Ask more about pump-leveling!

Kangasalan Pumppauskeskus Oy is an experienced floor leveling professional, specialised in pump-levelings and baseworks. If you’re looking for floor leveling services done by industry experts, please contact us and ask more about our services.

We’re happy to help you to choose the best work method for your worksite, no matter the sight or desired method.

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