Floor leveling for private households

Overall floor works from underfloor heating system installations to the finished surface

Floor levelings provided to private households has lately grown its demand significantly, mostly in touch with the underfloor heating system installations. As the demand has expanded we have purchased equipment suitable for detached houses and other small buildings, and also gained special expertise to serve our customers the best way possible.

Traditionally in tower block, business premise and office construction used pump-leveling materials are also becoming common in detached house and small building construction, and no wonder – pump-leveling materials are supreme compared to other floor fillers!

We provide floor levelings for private households, all the way from underfloor heating system installations to the finished coating. Floor leveling is executed with pump-leveling materials, which we have notices to be the best option in multiple different sights.

Pump-leveling can be used in all levels of small buildings, for example in:

  • ground floors
  • ventilating bases
  • in-between bases
  • basement floors
  • underfloor heating sights

We use high-quality floor filler which we have been trained to install and use. We also have great amount of experience of using them in multiple sights.

Pump-leveling offers significant benefits compared to traditional options

We provide floor leveling to new and renovation sights, also on top of underfloor heating pipes. The most significant benefit of pump-leveling is the effortless installations and the easiness of finishing. When installed right, the pump-leveled surface becomes sleek on only one go and it doesn’t demand separate elaboration for a smooth outcome.

Pump-fillers dry fast and for that reason we are able to execute multiple layers of floor surface that’s ready for coating. For example 120 square meter floor can be done in only 50 minutes! Floor fillers can be installed on top of water and electric heating systems or plain concrete. Floor surface done with pump-leveling you don’t have to wait for weeks.

Pump-leveling greatest benefits in a nutshell:

  • Less concrete cast, which speeds up the drying and saves time
  • Straight and durable bases ready for coat material installation in only one day
  • No waste loads at the worksite
  • Flexible and durable choice even for large height differences on the floor base

Underfloor heating installation and baseworks are significant to the floor surface smoothness

Together with the floor levelings we offer also the demanded baseworks and underfloor heating installations with materials. If needed, we’ll remove the old floor surface and clean it carefully or polish and smooth the surface with either traditional methods or with diamond polishing. This way we ensure that our floor surfaces are always top-quality.

Right equipment fits even the most tight and tricky spaces

Detached house residents might often be concerned about the pump-leveling equipment and how it fits to tight spaces. We have considered the fact and made sure that our equipment can be used even in the most trickiest spaces and tightest corners. If the worksite has an electric power socket (32A) and a normal water connection, the job can be done!

Ask more details or request an offer!

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Our expertise has been gained since the 80’s and we offer guarantee for our work. We provide overall floor leveling and floor basework in all Finland!

Tell us more about your floor surfaces, their locations and your premises – we’ll provide you a fair offer.

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