Mass floors and floor coatings match versatile needs

Mass floors and floor coatings are always executed based to your unique needs, so they suit all kinds of sights. We provide mass floors and floor coating with years of experience and guarantee a high-quality and durable outcome.

Whether you are dreaming of a sturdy mass floor or an elegant floor coating, we provide with great expertise:

  • All mass floors from epoxy, acryl and polyurethane masses
  • Epoxy, acryl and polyurethane coatings
  • Epoxy paintings
  • Acryl concretes
  • Design and colour floors
  • Seamless Comfort floors

Floor solutions for every sight

We install mass floors and floor coating to all kinds of sights, for both industrial and private household needs:

  • Ventilation machine rooms
  • Food industry premises
  • Halls and warehouses
  • Business premises and public spaces
  • Bathrooms and other wet spaces
  • Garages and technical spaces
  • Hospitals and nursing facilities (antibacterial coatings)

Tell us more about your sight – we’ll design the best floor solution for your needs!

Durable and functional floor surfaces

Mass floors and different floor coatings are both extremely durable and easy to clean. Due to their seamlessness they offer a hygienic solution to for example food industry premises. Their shine and roughness is adjustable by your needs.

Epoxy floors

Epoxy mass floor, coating or paint is a pretentious, high-shine floor solution. It’s best features are lightness, durability, waterproofness and easy cleansing. Because epoxy is available in multiple forms it can be used to coat or paint almost any base material. Also epoxy floors colour is adjustable by your desires.

Acryl floors

We execute acryl floors with acrylic concrete mass or acrylic coating. Acryl is a durable, safe and hygienic choice of floor: it’s not slippery even as wet and due to it’s seamlessness it’s also very easy to clean. One of acryls advantages is also its fast setting time, so the renovated space isn’t out of use for too long. Acryl also muffles sound well.

Polyurethane floors

Polyurethanes best feature is its elasticity, what for it copes well with whacks and temperature changes. Due to its elasticity it can be used also for coating flexible materials, such as asphalt or plywood. Like epoxy and acryl, polyurethane is also durable and easy to clean.

Design and colour floors

We provide design and colour floors by cement based fillers, which due to the floor leveling and the ready, durable floor surface is done at one go. Design and colour floors aren’t just coatings, but ready, pumped floor surfaces. Therefore the floor is certainly straight, sleek and most of all – durable.

Comfort floors

Comfort polyurethane coating system is a seamless, flexible and self-smoothing coating system designed for light and medium-heavy usage. Comfort floors are a great option to replace current plastic mats: suitable uses are f.ex. offices, day cares, schools, business premises and hospitals. Comfort floor coating forms a seamless surface which is completely combined with the floor base – this guarantees easy and efficient cleansing and a high hygiene level.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more information of our different floor solutions and their features! We’ll help you to choose the best possible floor material correlating your needs.

All floor works under the same roof

Ask more information of our floor solutions or request for a fair offer of the execution of a new floor. We’ll provide you high-quality and sleek floors with a magnificent and durable surface.

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